Crossasaurus Awesome

October 07, 2019

The 11th Edition (9th at Upper Salford Park) of Crossasaurus Awesome went off under bland skies, but much excitement from an expert crew. Philadelphia Ciclismo spent countless hours "grooming" the woods and fields to make use of the varied terrain that the township provides the team to keep it interesting and engaging for the racers year after year. This event is always one of the best of the local scene, not just because of the effort put forth from the team, but also the fans and participants. The dinosaur pictured below was not one of us by the jersey worn on the course, but definitely one of us in soul.

I assumed the role of "official race photographer" and certainly had some work cut out! Over 20,000 steps logged, a few thousand shutter clicks, and a few hours spent curating images for you guys. I hope you enjoyed the race and enjoy the photos and thank you for your support!

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