4th of July scale fun

July 06, 2020

Usually fireworks come to mind on the 4th of July. Those photos exist too, but I wanted to explore shooting something a bit smaller scale. Taking me back to my childhood - Remote Control!

My cousin brought his scale Cessna (with floats!) out to fly on the lake. I've never shot mechanical flying things before, much less from a dock so this was a neat experience. The acrobatics were impressive, but the flawless high-risk landings on the water made for some neat shots. We sent out my cousin's friend with a GoPro on his head to chase the plane via Jetski... I'm looking forward to seeing that footage!

Not only did it have floats, this plane was fully decked out with LEDs which made for some cool night opportunities.

Along with the plane, the Traxxas Slash(es) made an appearance on the dirt track in the pines. Things got rowdy in the dust.

Now for the cars!

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy some small scale RC action!